You're no ordinary angel.

This is me two years ago.  


I had medium length, curly brown hair.  I was a very “normal” high school girl.

This is me today, after a haircut.  


Why did I choose to cut off all my hair? 

I did it because I like how it looks.  I feel confident and beautiful with my hair short.  I feel like a pretty girl.  I like how easy it is to style and how much time and effort it saves me.  I love it because it gave me much better self-esteem.  

I feel stronger than I ever have before.  

So why people unhappy with my decision?  

My mom and little sister told me I look like a lesbian, and because I am a heterosexual girl, they say that the image I’ve created for myself goes against my sexuality. 

**Appearances do NOT define a person’s sexuality.**  

We are all equals and we are all beautiful, no matter what sexuality.  

If this gets a lot of notes I’ll show my family just how many people agree with me.  

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    I love your hair! It’s so cute. My mom was super supportive me cutting off all my hair but she also has short hair. One...
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    I’ve also thought about chopping my hair off but don’t like the fact it’s associated with sexuality so much…blah.
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    Short hair suits you way better, just imho. I had my hair long - really long - until a few years ago, and now I wear it...
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